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Saturday, February 06, 2010



Wow. Talk about some piece meal alterations. Wow. The cave is begging to be bookshelf/laptop workstation/bill center. Or the coffee cave, which would clear up your counter space a bit.

The 8 burners is kind of nice if you have many dinner parties...if not, um, well...wow.

Are the walls all tiled? And the counter? That's a lot of tile.


Julie, in my old house I had that oven cave too. I used a curtain panel to cover the space...at least it hides the junk!


Well, ditto, I would use a tension rod and close off the oven cave with a panel of some kind. Or, if you had electrical access, you could put a shelf in there to hold your microwave and counter oven. Kitchens, they are never right!


I was also going to suggest a curtain panel to hide the oven cave.


Do you use all 8 burners? Because, if not, could you disconnect the heating elements in the electric one and fabricate a counter extention for that space?

Also, if you don't use the desk, maybe remove the chair, add shelves under there for beverage storage, and move the beverage center onto the desk area?

Kathy in San Jose

I was thinking the oven cave could become an appliance garage. And I bet you could replace the faucet yourself, as handy as you are! It's not too hard - I replaced ours a few years ago.


I totally understand your annoyance with the lack of counter space. I have even less than you do, if that's possible!

As far as the cave...I would probably build some shelves in it and a cute door for the front and voila! more storage! Or maybe just one shelf, stick your huge mixer (if you have one) and other big appliances in there, put a door on it and then you've freed up some other space also.


Well I don't see much clutter, you must hide it like I do.

Cheap thrills can be had with paint and fabric. The tiles are so vintage and I adore them. Play with the warm coffee color. I'm partial to the brown/blue combo or brown/light green.

Start with a great vintage inspired fabric for a cover for the cave entrance and make some curtains for that window. A good rug in the color story would be fun too. The white cabinets will (hopefully) recede in the face of the new color and patterns :)

Good luck!


I had the post-oven cave problem and we made a cabinet door with trim painted to match the rest of the cabinets, but the flat panel we painted with blackboard paint and made it a fun message center. We applied hooks and shelves inside the cave for pot and pan storage.


I like the idea of a curtain to cover the cave with whatever you do in the cave - shelves or storage for the bevrage ctr when not in use. Paint the cabinets and change out the handles to update without a huge cost. Can't wait to see the resulting photos.

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