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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Lemon Tree Tami

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your margarita and remember that you don't have to figure out an entire decade in one sitting. :-)


Happy Birthday!


Happy happy birthday to you! Don't do any figuring today, just enjoy yourself and know it works itself out. One thing at a time, and today's thing is celebrating. Have an extra margarita for me...


Happy, happy birthday!


Hmm, Happy Birthday. I'll join you in the decade this September. I haven't decided quite how I feel about it either.


Happy Birthday! Forties will be great I betcha! The big markers can be tough but you have a good plan...enjoy.


Happy Birthday! Don't sweat turning 40, embrace it. It's ok to be in your forties (I just turned 48). Celebrate, reflect, decide what YOU want to do and relax. I went back to school at the tender age of 47 and I love it. Consider online school if you can, it's convenient and fun.


Happy Birthday!!!!! I never had any anxiety or feelings of upset about turning 30 or 40 or even 50but boy does it freak me out when my daughters do - I can hardly believe that I have 2 daughters in their 30's. It just makes me feel so old to see my daughters & their cousins being adults! The younger one has 3 kids & it seems like just yesterday that we despaired of her ever learning to keep track of her keys or remembering to let us know the evenings she had math Olympics competitions! But getting to tell her kids stories about her as a child is a delightful experience - they enjoy it so much!


Happy Birthday! I hope the 40's are great years for you. I dreaded the 30's, but as I'm enjoy the last few years of them, they've been better than the other decades. I think we gain grace and wisdom with age.


Why, it was only a few years ago we were in the bathtub together. Ok, 39 years ago or so. Give or take a few months.

Happy Birthday. Crap. That means Ill be 40 soon. Meh.


Happy belated birthday! (and welcome to 40!). I can tell you, with just 17 days left of my 40th year, that it's just another number. It's also the first anniversary of your 39th birthday. Hope Maddie and Pete are helping you celebrate all month!


Happy belated birthday! 40 sounds so young to me. I hope you come to love this year.

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