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Friday, February 26, 2010



I love my Mac! I have always had an Apple, never a PC, and wouldn't have it any other way. My current is a PowerBook G4 I've had for five years and it runs like a top.
My best piece of advice is buy directly from Apple and not from a reseller. We've tried buying both ways and will only by from Apple from now on.
Give yourself a week or two to get used to it, and you will love your new Mac.


I love my Mac! We've had a MacBook for 3 years and I'll never go back to PC. Even bought a Mac desktop for the kids last fall to make our family complete. I find the MacBook easy to use and never a problem with it.


Another vote for loving my Mac! That's all I have had since the brightly colored iBooks came out. :)


Getting used to my Macbook was hard at first. I missed feeling 'in control' and was proud at how well I knew my way around a PC. But as it turns out, Macs operate so intuitively (and so much more simply) that there's no magic mastery needed. It's so well integrated with itself, and with a few tweaked keyboard shortcuts, I'm even more in control now than I was on my PC. Plus it's reliable. And pretty. I'm very happy with it.


I have an Imac - love, love, love it!

I have to use a PC at work :( I sure wish we had Macs at work.

Go for it - you won't regret it!


Have you thought about building yourself a hackintosh? John did it for me for the exact same reason you are thinking of getting a MacBook


We are full of Macs here. iBooks, Macbooks, Powerbooks, Power Macs, iMacs, you name it.

They are not foolproof. They sometimes have crappy hardware. But the software is superior.

My iBook was a lemon. Went through 5 logic boards in the thing. And they refused to give me a new computer. They did graciously offer me 100 dollars towards a new computer. I laughed at them. And then I bought a new one anyway.

Never buy RAM from Apple. They rip you off. In fact, buy as stripped down of a machine as you can buy and configure it yourself with third party hardware. That is for desktops. For laptops, get it with as much as you can afford but still skip the RAM. Put your own RAM in the thing.

And always get the Apple Care.


I LOVE my MacBook. I was finally able to afford to go Mac a little over a year ago and mock my husband's PC constantly! :D


I've got a macbook pro 17 and love it! I've also got a linux-mini and a windows7-mini and some xp laptops here, but the macbook is the one that gets used all the time.


I purchased a MacBook a year ago and am very happy with it. I am forced to use PCs at work, so keep a netbook to allow me remote access. That is the only time I use a PC anymore.
I found a lot of useful information online before I purchased my Mac to help me transition from the PC. I also found Deb Robson's blog: The Independent Stitch very helpful. Ms. Robson has recently purchased Apple computers for her publishing business and discusses the pros and cons she has experienced.
If you can go to an Apple store, make an appointment and get some time to 'play' with their computers. I don't think you will regret the purchase of a Mac. Best Wishes for your endeavor.


My dh built a hackintosh too. It worked really well. It was neat to have and the journey of creating it was really cool - for him at least, :-p


I'm working on my G4 Powerbook that just turned 6 in December. It's on its second power cord, but other than that it's been smooth sailing. The change over from a PC was quick and easy. I say, go for it!


We love ours! We have 2 Macbook pro's and have plans to replace every PC in the house with a MAC. Took a few frustrating days because of the differences but not much more than that.

Susan Sedro

I use Windows at work. It does its job. I have a Macbook Pro at home which I love to use. It isn't just a tool, it is fun to use. Just arrived home from a conference and just under half of the participants were using a Mac, mostly Macbook Pro.


I absolutely LOVE my macbook.

Deborah Robson

Glad to hear Jan (above) found my blogged computer-transition chronicles helpful.

I was NOT a pushover for Macs, after 26 years on PCs and a lot of hard-earned skills with software and hardware wrangling and troubleshooting on that platform. The shift was expensive, because of all the publishing-related software, and I had to learn to *think* differently. It took me about three months to know I'd be okay, and six months to be comfortable.

WOW, was it a good move. I can get under the hood here, too. The Macs (there are now three in the house) are not perfect. But there is NO comparison. On a scale of 10, PC = 3, Mac = 9.


Our family has 2 Macs. My daughter has a Macbook Pro which she has had for 3 1/2 years. She absolutely loves it. She's had a few minor issues but the genius bar has been able to solve her problems quickly and for no charge. Just over a year ago we bought a Mac Pro for the family computer. It is fantastic. My husband uses it for gaming and loves it. My laptop is an old Toshiba that I run with Linux. We will never go back to a Windows based system.
Remember to ask about their discount programs. My daughter got a deal on her computer because she's a college student and my husband got a deal on ours because he's retired military. They have programs for teacher (you homeschool so that would likely qualify) too.

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