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Wednesday, May 26, 2010



mmmmmmmmmm - I have loved peonies since I was a little girl (3 or 4). The fragrance is so intoxicating! I read recently that hanging cds or dvds in amonst the plants helps scare squirrels away - the reflections disorient them. I have trouble believing that but I suppose it's worth a try. We had our tomatoes in cages a couple of years ago & the squirrels just ran along the top of the 7' tall fence of our next door neighbor to get at them. I can't picture them being scared off by shiny objects. They've done the same thing with our tomatoes - we'd find tons of barely ripe tomatoes - some on the ground, some still on the vines - with one or 2 bites out (small obviously squirrel sized bites.) I keep telling my partner that he should just plant marigolds all around the border of the tomato plot but, for some reason he doesn't believe me (wonder why it makes him crazy when I am right about something?)

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