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Tuesday, July 06, 2010



your garden looks great! I'm not surprised it is doing so well - the heat & rain over the weekend is just what those thirsty veggies want. They look fantastic. I think we only planted tomatoes this year (my partner John takes care of that - my arthritis makes it too difficult for me.) We have horrible clayey soil but still manage to get a reasonably good crop. I think he may also have planted peppers. And, I got several catnip plants through free-cycle the end of summer last year. They are growing like weeds (I think that is why the woman on free-cycle was giving them away.) And our kitties love the home grown catnip.


What a pretty garden! Jalapenos - fresh salsa (I use the recipe from Cooks Illustrated), curtido (still in the condiment vein), you can pop them into Indian food. You can pickle some and use them in winter.

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