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Wednesday, July 14, 2010



I've always froze my blueberries without washing them, then washed as I used them. I think I read that somewhere back in the day. I've never made jam with them, but I bet it's delicious!



Rowena PHilbeck

Looks wonderful...I just love blueberries or rather any berries. Have fun with them.


One of my favorite things is to have them for breakfast. I love spoon size shredded wheat with blueberrie & milk. Or, unbelieveably tasty organic oat meal with a little cinnamon & a ton of blueberries stirred ian with just a dollop of half & half (so decadent) - the berries get a bit mushy & sort of cook. I also like my red, white & blue breakfast which is organic blue corn flakes with raspberries & milk but that's another berry. Personally, I've never met a berry I didn't like. if you want to make jam without heating up your kitchen (I'm afraid to look at what the temp is right now - I'm hibernating in my AC), try freezer jam. I think it tastes a lot better than the cooked kind (closer to fresh berry taste.) Where did you pick your berries? When my older daughter went to camp in Michigan (many, many years ago), we would always pick up a couple of flats for berries on the way home when picking her up.

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