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Saturday, August 28, 2010



So sorry for your loss; and I think a drink is definitely a good idea.


Be good to yourself, however you choose. Sorry about your friend, hope your memories help ease the pain a bit.


Have had some of that blah going on in my week, too. Sorry to hear about the family friend. I hope you got to treat yourself to that margarita!


Definitely. Sorry for your loss. My sister died at 59 a few years ago rather suddenly. She had been at death's door earlier in the year & recovered (needing physical therapy for the functioning she lost while in intensive care) only to be taken ill with an entirely unrelated illness very suddenly in the fall & die within 2 weeks. We've definitely had the blah thing going here too & allergies! I can't remember a year that was worse for them around here. I just bought my grands' Halloween costume (usually I make them but really, if you can find nice ones to buy, it's less expensive) & find myself really looking forwar to fall.

Rowena PHilbeck

Sorry to hear about your friend passing. That is always hard to deal with. Enjoy the time you had with her and her family. Memories are wonderful too!! I love your updated bathroom. You must have a large home or it looks like in your pictures. I LOVE wood floors. I would love to put them in my home. That is ANOTHER..project on my list of things to do. Take Care. Rowena


Julie, sorry to hear your sad news. I hope your family is feeling better soon, too.

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