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Friday, August 06, 2010



Good job!! I'm slightly envious, as I've spent loads of time in thrift stores this week for my stepdaughter's benefit but haven't found anything for me. We did luck out on a chest of drawers for her college room @ $30. I especially love the mini-pitchers!!


I've never seen anything like that Bacon and Eggs Pan. How funny and unique! I like it. Glad you had a good thrifting day today, great scores always make you feel so happy, don't they?


I think I have asked before but just WHEN do I get to go thrifting with you?:?

Rosemary C

I am really jealous over those pyrex dishes that remind me of my Mom. I have a set of her bowls (and her cast iron skillets, which I won in a coin toss with my sister) That bacon and egg pan is uber cool. You must have some awesome tag sales in your area.


Love it! All of it--great stuff! I have that cookbook as well.

ana @ imadeitso.com

oh wow, such good finds. the pyrex, the vintage cookbook! i have that cookbook, a newer version of course. it's funny, i wrote a post about a recipe i made from it, and someone else who was reading it wrote a response from her vintage cookbook. anyway, that book is so popular... i'd love to get my hands on an old copy. lucky you :)

it's my first time here, i'm off to peek at your ravelry ...

~ ana

p.s. followed you from atg

Rowena PHilbeck

What a nice haul...good going. I was busy having a garage sale with my daughter. That means I couldn't go to any..have to wait till this weekend. Their were 89 garage sales in my area last sat. We did ok. nothing to brag about. Everyone made some money and Goodwill got the rest and some on the curb for free.


Wow. I would say you had a good day! I've never run across the flamingo pink pyrex before. Great color.

sherrie fontaine

I can't believe that you scored all of that. That is just plan ridiculous. I am drooling. Thank you for sharing.


I love the mini Fiesta pitchers--super cute & great price for everything!


I am not much of a thrifter, or at least I wasn't. After I picked up the cutest 1930s lemon yellow Art Deco cream pitcher in perfect condition at the local thrift shop for 25 cents (since seen on eBay in another color for $21 with the bidding still going), I'm hooked.

I'm drooling over your haul.

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