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Monday, September 20, 2010



Heh. I have a Sega Genesis that she can have if she wants it... :-)


I love your garage sale postings. Please continue doing them. You often buy the same things I would buy. I love Fire King and old kitchen items.


Awesome! Can't beat that price. I bought my pair for $150 and felt like that was a bargain.


Wow. $2.00!! That's awesome. I love the lines of those chairs.


With these finds I would say you are the thrifting queen! It really does pay to be patient!
By the way I am in complete ENVY of the Griswold you found a while back and the pink Pyrex too, great finds! :)

Rowena PHilbeck

Great finds. Yes, it does pay to be patient. I'm waiting for an iron bed for my bedroom and a vintage bicycle. Can't believe you got the chair fir 2.00. That is incredible..


Great chair. Great price. My Mom says she paid more than that for a similar chair (used) 30 years ago.


Really? REALLY? $2? WOW. I've never seen a chair go for that price (I've bought little teacup/saucer sets for that price.). That was awesome.

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