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Wednesday, September 22, 2010



teach me! i tried to plant onions and they ended up little pearls!

Kathy in San Jose

Even though onions are fairly inexpensive at the store, the fact that you got one fresh from the garden, that you know exactly how it was grown and did not have to take the time to go to the store, means a total win for you! And homemade stock is the best stuff ever.


Use chicken feet or turkey feet in the stock if you can find them. They add an additional depth of flavor that you cant get from the rest of the bird. Ask your local poultry producer if they have feet! You will have to strain your stock or broth, but its worth it. Mmm....stock....

Do you throw in your onions with the peels still intact? Thats another trick. You can then just pick out the peels later. Cut the onion in half and throw it in the pot like that, skin and all. Same with celery. Big chunks of celery with the tops still on. Lots of flavor!!!


Beautiful onion. As usual we planted only tomatoes this year but we got a bumper crop - more than 2 of us can eat & even freezing them for soup, spaghettis sauce etc., we'll probably have way more than we can consume in a year. We've been giving them away to the nieces & nephews.


That really is a most beautiful onion.

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