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Monday, October 18, 2010



Beautiful skillet and cups, I'm on the prowl for high quality cooking supplies- you've given me hope that they're out there for a good price!


How lovely! I use my small skillets more than the medium and large ones - but I have no Le Creuset!

Alyssa @ Clever Penguin

Good grief that skillet is a find! It looks like it's in excellent condition. Wonder how the owners could have let it go? The cups are pretty, too. :)

Laurie Jackson

That skillet is in excellent shape!


Was just gifted a 7" Le Creuset...retail $125! You got a deal, girl!

Rowena PHilbeck

Hey lady, I lost the connection to your blog and had to find you. The site I usually went on with a list of knitting bloggers was closed. What a mess. Looks like you made another great buy. I haven't lucked on many good buys lately..just a few DVD's for .25 each which was great. We have a local Auction place that is online and their was a set of Pyrex bowls that I bid on but didn't get as they all sold for 45.00. The whole set with turquoise pattern. Great set just kind of high for me. WE are still having garage sales here in Texas.


i love your finds. i need to go back to my thrift store to find some goodies.

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