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Wednesday, November 03, 2010



Our kitchen is on the long term renovation plan (5-10 years out). We just had friends renovate theirs with Ikea cabinets, and they love them, and it was a good experience. (The only downside is that all the cabinets get delivered, and then you have a certain amount of time to make sure all the pieces are there and fit together. The people I know who have done it say to plan on at least three trips to Ikea after ordering). There are lots of options for customizing the insides of the cabinets too, which I'm pretty excited about when we do ours.


We did our kitchen 3 years ago. If you happen to be tall, raise the base cabinets. I'm 5'10", and we raised our base cabinets 1.5"--fabulous. NO more backaches. Make sure you have outlets where you want them. Get the biggest sink you can, at least big enough that a 9x13 pan can sit on the floor of the sink. I love, love, love the base cabinet with two large garbage pails that pull out--one for trash, one for recycling. Plan what you want to put in which cabinet and make sure you buy the right cabinet to store that stuff. I also love my huge drawer that holds all the plates, etc. low enough for my kids to easily set the table and empty the dishwasher. Those fancy spice jar cabinets/drawers often don't fit your spice jars. Check on that before you buy them. If you have propane gas, make sure the range you buy has a conversion kit included. Probably enough tips. The remodel will take much longer than you think it will. Plan to be in your temporary kitchen for at least 6 months.

Elizabeth H.

I second the "if you're tall, raise your countertops". Best thing I ever did! We took our kitchen down to bare walls & sub-floor. If you're going to paint the ceilings or walls do it then, instead of after the cabinets are in. Next best thing - cabinet/shelf for the microwave so it doesn't have to sit on the counter top.
Finally, we use the kitchen door to enter/exit ALL the time, but there was nowhere to keep coats. I bought 4 pantry cabinets. (2 stacks) I only ordered shelves for 3 of them. I used Command hooks in the 4th one and now have a small coat closet that looks just like the rest of the cabinets.
And yes, it took twice as long as the estimate!

Jenn Kelly

We just remodeled our kitchen about 6 months ago. Definitely get the biggest sink you can. I forget the dimensions of mine but it's big enough to put a roasting pan flat in the bottom and still enough room for a stack of dishes next to it. I got a copper sink and I have to say I absolutely love it! It ages beautifully and if anything stains the bottom I just scrub it off and it patinas again in a couple days.

I put in a wolf oven and wolf induction cooktop. I absolutely love both of them. No problems yet. I read some bad reviews about the oven enamel coming off but they have fixed that issue. The induction cooktop is unbelievable! It boils water lightning fast and the handles never get hot and the only part of the surface that gets hot is directly under the pan. I put in one gas burner because I was afraid to give up my gas altogether and I rarely use it.

Make sure to put outlets all over. It's easiest to put them in now.

I put full drawer pulls on all my cabinets. It's nice to have access to those few more inches in the drawers.

Also, If I had it to do over again, I'd move out during the remodel! It always takes longer than you expect and it's very stressful to have your kitchen out of commission!

Good luck!

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