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Tuesday, December 07, 2010



We are Swedish too and I have a small collection of Dala horses. Mine are all orange but I've always loved the black ones.

Rowena PHilbeck

Very nice. Your Swedish horses are really cool! Hope you and your family have a Wonderful Holiday Season.



I can't believe you were at the Gift Box I live about 3 blocks away!


My mom's family is from Dalsland (not Dalarna, where the Dala horse is from) where reportedly the regional animal is the bull. On their first visit to the Swedish relatives in Dalsland, my mom brought back a bull (one of the two we now have, I think) without realizing that my sisters and I would want ones of our own. She hurriedly contacted one of her Swedish cousins, who shipped her three more bulls in time for Christmas that year.

As for the Swedish tree, there are probably also a couple of ornaments on the floor, where Spike has been batting them around in a rare moment of playfulness.


I see those beautiful horses all over up here - my favorite is a red one on the side of a historic-looking home. Your collection is pretty!

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