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Monday, January 17, 2011



That would be SO frustrating! I loathe pre-sales and in the long run I think it only hurts an estate sale companies business! I like your tea pot though, its beautiful.


Dont'cha just hate that! Beautiful tea pot though.... do those have lead in the paints? I always worry about that kinda stuff :-P


Oh, what a bummer about the estate sale. :(

The teapot is wonderful.


Definitely a beautiful consolation prize. I would scoop up this lovely teapot in a heartbeat!

Selena Cate

I sometimes wonder if photos are helpful or not. I did well this weekend because of the photos but sometimes like you I go searching for an item that is either gone or sold. Like everyone else said, the pot is a wonderful find even if the sewing table wasn't there.

Rowena PHilbeck

Love your pot. I went to my hometown during our Christmas Break and friends of mine and I went to a couple of garage sales. One was just boxes on the ground and as I dug in one. Their were pyrex bowls. I got 2 for 1.00 each. One I think is the Butterprint. Pale yellow on white background. Not sure what the other one was. I need to take a picture and post it. It was fun!! I also got a couple of old picture frames to put my relatives in. They also were selling clay pots which I got 2 of those as well. Love those kind of sales. Take Care!!

Karen K

Your teapot may not be a sewing cabinet but it's lovely!

I found a Frankoma mug last year in an antiques store (attached to a gas station!) in between Charlotte and Ashville...vibrant orange and random bumps on the bottom of the interior. I might fall victim to Frankoma addiction.

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