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Monday, March 07, 2011


Rowena PHilbeck

Cool pattern. I have no clue the name of it. I searched it on the internet but came up with nothing. It looks really modern if that helps. I went to a Bargain Blitz here on Sat but so many people it was crazy. Didn't find any dishes, etc. Just a few jeans and kids books. You had to pay to get in also. Wasn't much but the night before was 6.00 which was crazy for a large garage sale.


don't know the pattern name, but you may be able to date it by numbers on the bottom of the pieces. I have a couple of old Homer Laughlin pieces. what are the numbers? I think the second piece is a cup.


Love thse - much nicer than Fiesta Ware IMHO (not that I dilike Fiestaware - just really like those pieces)

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