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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Rowena PHilbeck

That is tooo cute. Man..inflation is really bad. I use to get the 25 cent thing and a 1.00 if large tooth. You need to frame that. Can I use the envelope to put it to my friends on facebook? I think its really cute.


Sweet. (They grow up, though.)


Love it - you HAVE to keep that for her - she'll appreciate it when she's a mother herself!


I love this. Kids are great.

Rosemary C

That is so cute!! We once lost our daughter's tooth that was supposed to go in the envelope for the tooth fairy. We replaced it with a rabbit food pellet, which sort of felt like a tooth. The problem....we fell asleep before replacing it with money. The poor child was traumatized. She is now 44 and laughs when we tell her the story. Save that note. So precious.


That is too funny!

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