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Monday, July 11, 2011


Nostalgic in Maine

Love that juicer! What a perfect summer find :-)

Michelle @ Shee Designs

Wow!! What a steal on the Juicer!!
I'd have bought it too :)

Rowena PHilbeck

You did find some cool items. Love the juicer and the color. Love the poster as well. I work in the Architecture library and see lots of really nice items. I went to an estate sale on Saturday and found a ceramic picture frame pink with roses. Dated 1940's. Really nice for 1.00. Can't beat that price. Have a Great Week.


Holy moly that juicer is gorgeous! fantastic find!

the cape on the corner

what a great piece of art, especially with the ties you appear to have with it. i'm sweet on that juicer, too. super cute!


The thrifting gods were smiling on you weren't they?! Congrats!

Rosemary C

I am always amazed by what you find and a wee bit jealous. I am a Bakelite bracelet collector, so if you ever run into any, give me a holler :)


I have a similar juicer but it's by a different brand, Juice King. You definitely got a good deal on it, I wouldn't have questioned the $5!

Contact an autoglass place about cutting you a piece of glass for the frame, it will be MUCH cheaper than a frame shop.


That juicer is divine!! I would have had to snatch it up, too!!

Vintage Scapes

I love your finds! The color of the juicer is great.


I love that kind of juicer. I have fond memories of helping my favorite aunt squeeze oranges & lemons when I was a little girl with a virtually identical one. I found one at CB several years ago & did actually pay $60 for it - knowing what a great juicer it is & the nostalgia factor didn't hurt. Part of it disappeared during the several months our house was in chaos because of rehabbing our kitchen. When looking for a replacement, I discovered that you can buy a juicer which is almost identical - the only difference being that the strainer is connected to the part that funnels the juice into a cup. In a way that's better because there are no loose parts to lose. I cant remember how much I paid but it was WAY less than $60 which pleased me. Since I only use it a few times a year. My 4 year old granddaughter was here visiting last weekend & she helped me squeeze lemons for lemonade. I could tell she enjoyed it as much as I had helping my aunt so many years ago.


It's a lemonade lovers dream! So jealous! A bit of randomness: My Bajan friends make lemonade with limes...but still call it lemonade. lol

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