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Tuesday, August 09, 2011



I've always thought that the memories we have of loved ones gives them eternal life - the habits they passed down to us, the certain look in a child's expression that reminds you of an aunt or uncle or parent. I find that far more comforting than the idea of heaven. While you are sad about the loss of your father (& I don't think we ever really get over the loss of a loved one), doesn't it also bring a smile to your face to think about the little things that remind you of him? I can't drink a cup of tea with sweetener & cream accompanied by toast with jam without thinking about my mother & aunt.


I too lost my father suddenly when he was in his early 40's. I'm fast approaching that birthday myself and yes, getting a little more freaked out as I get closer to that age.


Hope the golf even went well. I've been thinking about you. Enjoy the magazines. I've been enjoying many of my magazines on my iPad these days.


Thinking of you.

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