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Monday, August 22, 2011



i am completely swooning over your pink pyrex. i am a huge lover of pyrex, and ive never seen the pink ones before - and for so cheap! i paid a fortune of my sky blue set of 4 mixing bowl, but i literally covet them. enjoy yours. - al


Oh my goodness! What a lucky girl you are! That Pyrex was a steal!!! And those Tupperware trays are a must have! My mom had a set just like them. My set is newer and all red. We use them for potluck dinners.


25 cents - that's amazing!!!! Great Pyrex finds!

karlyn Jackon

My goodness, that pink pyrex is gorgeous. I have found 4 bowls the same as your top ones but never any pyrex in pink........my eyes are always peeled.

It's Still Life

I have never run across pink pyrex. And they look to be in awesome shape. Great finds.

Rowena PHilbeck

WOW you did have a great day. Love the pink pyrex. I haven't found any here that color. Just a bowl here and their. Awesome!!


LOVING the pink pyrex. And Blind Assassin is hands down, my favorite Margaret Atwood book. SCORE!


Oh I really covet your pink Pyrex. It would look so nice on my very pale pink Coriander counters! Great find.


WOW!! Twenty-five cents is ridiculous - you are so lucky! I love pink Pyrex as well. I have yet to get any Gooseberry or Daisy stuff, though.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Mega scores!

Jealous of the deals on the Gooseberry! When I found my Gooseberry bowl (have only found one & it was like SERIOUS when I found it. I think the girl thought I was a little mad), the girl was like, "oh we get sets in all the time, we had pink the other day.."

Was so mad at her, LOL!

Loving the Tupperware trays as well. We had the stackable plates in the exact same colours growing up.


Excellent find on the marble slab. My sister-in-law and her sisters have a couple that they use every year around Christmas to make peanut brittle (and walnut brittle, and sometimes plain brittle), which they sell around town and haul in a load of cash.


My heart hurts with envy at the fact that you got those gooseberry bowls for that price. Especially since I had to pay 25 bucks just to get the large one of the set. You SCORED!

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