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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Rowena PHilbeck

I'm sure she is family. That is sad when they get older for sure. I lost a boxer 13 years old and now my min pin is about 13 but still active. I dread the day when he passes away. They are their for you in thick and thin for sure. Thanks for the great picture.


Awww. I wish I was home already, to give both of you (and Maddie) a big hug!


Oh, I hope Mud and you have many many more great days left. My Smokey is 18 or 19 years old now, too, and I'm dreading take her to the vet this year. But I have to, and I'm hoping she'll be okay for a little while longer. I'll be thinking of you and Mud, hope those symptoms stay away, and she's happy as ever.


Poor Mud! Lucky for her, though, that you've been there to see her through her bad times just as she's been there during yours. Hugs to you!


I'm so sorry to hear about Mud. My kitty, Loki, has been with me for 16 years, through two marriages, one divorce and has kept me sane, so I can completely understand!


That's hard. My kitty, Baby, was 20 when she died about 2 years ago. Like your Mud, she had been there longer than kid or husband, and was truly a wonderful companion. Lots of love to you and kitty both.


Our pets give so much and ask for so little in return; just the basics of life. How fortunate both you and Mud are to have been companions for so many years. Hugs to you and pets to Mud.


I hear ya. Our cat, age 17 or so, died a few years ago of kidney failure. We did subQ's for about 2 years and bought her the special cat food. Good pets are hard to come by.

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