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Friday, January 06, 2012



Good times, good times. That art set was one of the best gifts ever. Thanks, *Santa*! My own blog will be coming out soon, so visit it when I've made it! SUPPORT ME PEOPLE!!! LOL I screamed that out while I typed it! anyway, that art set is endless fun. Amazon link to the art set: http://www.amazon.com/ComputerGear-Hypotrochoid-Art-Set/dp/B002OSOZMU


Very cool looking. My grands would love it but my daughter said that they have enough art supplies to last for a few years.

Amanda Doll

I found a spirograph on the clearance shelf in Target 2 years ago. It's not the same as when we were kids, but it is awesome. It is made a bit differently, and has a few more shape gadgets. Awesome all the same.

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