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Monday, January 30, 2012



And that same woman was behind us in the checkout line. We both wanted to ask her if she had a number.


An experience like that can come close to ruining your day & multiply that by all the people in line - lot of crankiness that woman is spreading. Which JoAnn's did you go to? I've found crafters of any kind are usually more tolerable than that woman. But I think the giant JoAnn's stores seem to attract a few more of the crazies. Like the one on Rte 59 in Naperville (although I've never seen anyone that bad there - just minor rudenesses that can be annoying but easily ignored). Anyway - the fabrics are lovely & will make a gorgeous quilt.


Our JoAnn's has no good quality fabrics - no designer fabrics, alot of blends, alot of cheap fabrics. No matter the time of year, it is heavily stocked with fleece. There is never more than 2 employees there at a time and one of them is always going on break. There is ALWAYS a wait. I can't stand going there. They are expanding - I'm hoping this means they are going to improve their fabrics. Sadly, outside of two privately owned nice but rather pricey and small fabric stores that don't always stock the basics, we have nothing else in the area

Rowena PHilbeck

wow but If I wanted the fabric it was worth the wait. I hate when things like that happen. Love the colors you picked and can't wait to see it done. Right now I'm making gourd shawl pins to put on Etsy and gourd buttons.

Tsoniki Crazy Bull

The JoAnn's close to me always has many employee's to help with the cutting though I haven't bought any fabric there in ages because the lines are always SO long when there is even the smallest of sales. We tried going on Black Friday and it was beyond crazy. Last year we were able to get some fabric, this year a girl we were standing by when we were debating staying to get fabric said she had been there since 6:30AM. And it was almost noon and her number was nowhere near being called! I was disappointed and think they should put a limit on how much you can get cut at once during a sale like that.

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