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Sunday, January 01, 2012


Rowena PHilbeck

Love your new exercise machine. Its really great. I would love to have one but my house is so small. So I walk when I can. Hope you had a great Christmas. The cruise was wonderful and came back with a slight sunburn to a rainy 45 degree weather. Now back to work today. Happy New Year!!


Enjoy! I can't read anything on an ipad or computer while working out (we have a great recumbent bike at home that I use when I can't make it to the gym). If you have the same problem, you could try listening to knitting podcasts - there are quite a few of them on itunes (all free). Or any other podcast. Although at home I usually watch something on my ipad on Netflix or HBO-GO. At the club, I listen to knitting podcast (& occasionally Car Talk).

Tsoniki Crazy Bull

I love that! It is a goal of mine to get a treadmill, along with a treadmill desk. As for now, I'll do couch to 5K and use my nike plus.


Wow! I didn't know you really bought it! I will miss the rabbit's head that is the shadow of the elliptical machine! LOL

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