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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Rowena PHilbeck

Looks like fun. I will have to try it. My son and his wife have milk goats and they should be ready soon for milking and making cheese, ice cream. Can't wait to try it. I will have to find if their is a kit around here for making mozzarella. I LOVE any type of cheese..YUM


Good for you! I've always wanted to try this.

Tsoniki Crazy Bull

That looks great! I don't have that on my list to do, but it looks really fun.


I just may have to try that. Fresh mozzarella tastes so much better (I occasionally get it from Whole Foods. First thing I thought of when I read not over processed was Oberweis. I'm not much of a milk drinker but mmmmm, Oberwies is so good. And their ice cream is great & their whipping cream is soooo much better than any you can get anywhere else.

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