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Thursday, May 17, 2012



Your strawberries and peonies are head of ours! But we're going to have a fair number of berries from our few little plants, too, assuming the squirrels don't get them first.

Our big white peony plant is taller than Zosia this year. I can't wait to see it in bloom. Might have to think about trying some lettuce on the back deck.


Your peonies are just beautiful. Ours (in Springfield) have been pretty much done for about a week now. They never last long enough.

The weeds are to keep up with -- almost as bad as the rabbits. LOL.


I had some of the berries on my cereal this morning - a pleasant sign that summer is back. I'll get the netting put over the berry patch this weekend before the squirrels go on a rampage.

I always love seeing the peonies every year. We had a big peony bush in our backyard in Cary when I was growing up, which was an offshoot from a peony from my grandmother's yard in Lombard. I wish I could have carried on the tradition, but the Cary peony was taken out years ago when my parents built the new porch.

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