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Friday, August 10, 2012


Rowena PHilbeck

Sorry to hear about your cat. Prayers go out to you but enjoy your memories for sure. I have had that with my boxer "Copper". My little dog now is 13 so it won't be long for him either. Take Care..beautiful Cat!!


So sorry to hear about Mud! I think making that decision about Syd when he went into renal failure was one of the hardest, saddest things we've had to do. She was such a sweetie. Virtual hugs to you!


I'm so sorry, you brought tears to my eyes. Life is just so... hard... sometimes, isn't it?

My sympathies. My kitty is about 19 years old now, too.


Condolances. I just lost my sweet 18 year old kitty this past Saturday, so I know it's really hard. I've been trying to focus on the fact that I gave her a long happy pampered life and that helps a bit. It's so weird not to have her there though - I'd had her over half my life afterall.


I'm so sorry, girlie. :( It completely sucks to lose a pet.


Well shit. So sorry about your loss. But glad you got to share her with your husband and Maddie.


so sorry, i know nothing but time helps :(


I'm soo sorry for your loss. Pets can break our hearts when they are gone :(


I'm sorry. Your kitty beat out my kitty Kimba who got to be 18.5. A good long life for a good animal.

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