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June 18, 2004



For me, the best tool was to look at blogs that I really liked (or really didn't like) and look at the source code. I could then see what was happening and play with it on my own.

Here are links that I found useful; most of these aren't strictly html, but I've found all of them useful for my blog.

http://annamation.ca/annaknits/freeblogstuff.php Anna talks about percentage bars, marquees, and photo hosting.

http://www.indigirl.com/knit_tracker/ A different kind of project tracker.

http://www.ibloggers.net/forum/ This is geared towards (as the name would suggest) users of iBlog, the software that I use on one of my blogs. The people there, however, often talk about html things that can apply to any blog. Similarly, http://www.ibloggers.net/C179279332/E419950350/index.html is a list of other services (tagboards, online indicators, etc.) aimed at iblog users, but it's the best collection I've seen so far.

http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=752&topic=22 This is a list of some common html codes, aimed at Blogger users, but useful to others as well.

http://www.december.com/html/spec/color.html Hexadecimal color codes for all sorts of variations.

http://www.pixy.cz/apps/barvy/index-en.html Color wheel so you can figure out harmonious (or extremely unharmonious) colors.


Thanks Lydia!


Wow, thanks!!!!


Granted that it's good there are so many people knitting and blogging, but I hope our blog makes it in under the 500 limit by the time we've posted a month! =:-O

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