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August 28, 2010


Linda Klemanski

I am a knitter and an artist. I have created a line of "Knitting themed Greeting Cards". Would this be something you would like to see?

Charles Jaimet

I think your website looks great.

My wife is a designer with a blog and a website where she posts her patterns. Some are free, some are sold through ravelry, all of them are great (well, that's what I think, but I can't knit so what do I know?).

I'm a web developer so I'm trying to help her get knitters to find her site. If you like it please consider adding a link to her.

I hope you decide to continue with this site. You show up #1 in Google on the search term "knitting blogs" so you might want to use it to review knitting blogs. Over 8100 people search that term every month so there's lots of traffic for you.


Gregory Loom Dude Huff

Maybe you could review different knitting events and festivals. I do that from time to time on my blog at http://loomdude.blogspot.com

Creatively yours,


I am new to the blogging world but have gotten back in to knitting and want to know whats out there to knit. My mother was the knitter of the family and I have dabbled in it, but I've taken up her needles and I've taken off. I'm looking for new and different patters and have lately been doing felting pieces. I refuse to do the crew neck, v-neck or cardigans my mother did. Any suggestion?


Hi I am Kerry from australia and I am showing a friend how to use a blog - your site is great - cheers everyone


I think it would be cool to have blog reviews, awards, and maybe carnivals (where people link up similar posts) You could really do a lot :)

Liver Chick

Interviews with knitting bloggers would be a cool direction to go in. You could have each person you blog include a free pattern of their own design. Free patterns attract a lot of attention. Just a thought.


I would love to have you feature my site....it includes a chatty forum that has many friendly and helpful knitters sharing ideas and tips.

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