What's the Pincushion Challenge?

Every month you make a pincushion that somehow relates to the monthly theme. When it's finished upload it to the Pincushion Challenge Flickr Group. It's that easy!

The Pincushion Challenge was inspired by tie one on.

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WOOT, bring it! Love the design of this blog, nice work!!


Great job. No links as of yet but I'll start poking around. You picked the perfect topic for month 1 though. Yeah... I'm looking forward to making my first (much needed) pin cushion. The ones we learned to do in needlework class in elementary school back in Germany are at my Mom's house and even though she's still using them, they are in dire need of replacement.

Now thinking of it - this is how they were made: 2 pieces of felt cut to a shape - mine are hearts. Basically, they were just hand stitched around the edges (slip stitched). Leave a little opening to stuff tightly and then close up. Before sewing them together we embellished them with sequins etc. My Mom has had them for years and years.

Thanks for a great idea. I'm motivated.


Woo hoo!! Thanks for doing this. I look forward to participating!


Oh, what fun! I can't wait to play around with this. It's just the motivation I need to use up some of my wool felt...and probably end up with some more.
I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


Oh this sounds like so much fun, thanks!

Wishing On Clovers

Yay! I can't wait to get started!


This sounds like fun! I found you through Whip up, now my brain will be on fruit all month! Looking forward to entering - Thanks!


Yahoo! I have just been going through my mountain of fabric looking forward to this! The site looks great. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Donna K.

Yipeee! I can't wait to get started.


This in an AWESOME idea! I was itching to make a pin cushion over the weekend but ended up getting sidetracked...I'm so in!

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