What's the Pincushion Challenge?

Every month you make a pincushion that somehow relates to the monthly theme. When it's finished upload it to the Pincushion Challenge Flickr Group. It's that easy!

The Pincushion Challenge was inspired by tie one on.

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sounds fun. when will they be due by?


Ooo, goodie! I've got to get my thinkin' cap on.


i love it! this will be my first.. and what a great theme!


mmmm, my favorite treat.... looks like there might be "research" ahead.. .LOL


Ah-ha! I already know what I'm going to 'TRY' and make!

Tabitha Klucking

I'm also wondering about the due date--end of April?

Account Deleted

Does it have to be an original pattern?

Old School Acres

Woo hoo! Done! Though I might have "cheated" a little.


One of my favorite themes, sounds like fun. Thanks as always for organizing this thing.


Done and sent ! something sweet ... thanks for this initiative !

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