What's the Pincushion Challenge?

Every month you make a pincushion that somehow relates to the monthly theme. When it's finished upload it to the Pincushion Challenge Flickr Group. It's that easy!

The Pincushion Challenge was inspired by tie one on.

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I would love zu join the pincushion cahllenge. I sew my pincushions from fabrics.


I've always wanted to participate in this. I've only ever made 1 pincushion before, though, so I have no favorite method.

ethel and edna

Ha! Like the other 2 I've wanted to sign up to this challenge but have not really made any before. I love all types of stitchery/fabric/etc. And pincushions are just the perfect size to 'have a go' at all sorts of things...
Excited!!! :O)


Me, me, still here! I usually make mine out of felt, since I don't have to worry about seam allowances and all that, but one of the best things about pincushions is the fact that they're so small - I'd love to try smocking on one of them someday, or needlefelting, or punchneedle on the sides. Can't wait to see what you come up with for us.


I'm interested. I missed the last one. I did a Biscornu once (not sure if spelled correctly) using embroidery instead of cross stitch. I loved the way it turned out. I'm up for stitching on any type of material.


Here is a hedgie cushion: http://urbandebris.typepad.com/urban_debris_journal/2006/08/free_hedgie_pin.html
from my blog :-)

I would love to do a challenge.

Here is a finished one that made craft magazinne:


I have made one out of felt with an embroidered dragonfly on the top, turned out so cute! But I would be up to the challenge!


I've made a couple of pincushions where I just added some felt to the back of a cross stitch. And, I've made some bisconus. It was always on my to-do list to join in your challenge and also to make something from the patterns & tutorials I've been saving for awhile now, like Martha Stewart's strawberry, but I have yet to do any of this. If you do another challenge, I will be a part of it.


I missed out in the past, but have more time now and would love to play in a pincushion challenge this time around.


I am definately interested in joining! I like to work with both regular material and wool felt.

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